Railways and mass-transit website

The project: Online since 2006 as Metroitaliane, CityRailways has developed always trying to maintain a balance between professional topics and the interests of rail, mass-transit and electric transport enthusiasts, always keeping an eye on data, numbers and communication aspects.
I was founder of this site that I have carried on for many years with Andrea Spinosa to whom I handed on the management in recent years. I continue from time to time to write something when I can find the time because one of my passions are the mass-transit systems and railways.

The new website: Renovation of the CityRailways website to adapt it to the latest web and graphic standards. A minimal black and white was chosen to create more contrast with the images and maps of the transport systems that are both vividly colorful. The site has the “dark” tonality turning the pages in negative and is useful for those who want to strain their eyes less.

Tools: WordPress + Elementor

Client: Ing. Andrea Spinosa

Publication date: September 2020

cityrailways com
Cityrailways dark


This logo, now iconic in the transport environment in Italy, was designed by me many years ago, over time a redesing has been done by maintaining the pictogram with the intersection of the subway lines map style but adding two bars above and below to symbolize the railway tracks. The logo works very well both in black and white, it was thought from the beginning for a positive and negative use.