Get help to launch
your project.

You have the idea and you know how to develop it at a business and management level while I can take care of creating and developing the brand of your project and all the technological aspects.

If you don't create a story and take care of the design of your brand, you are doomed to fail.

To avoid this risk the best thing is that you rely on an expert who can create everything you need: from the name of the company/project to the logo, from website to social videos until the choice of the best technologies for your project. 


1. Contact me

Let's talk to each other in person or via web, explain your idea (which, of course, will remain confidential) and let's see together what you need.

2. Budget

A new project at the beginning may have a limited budget. Conscious of this I always try to offer my experience according to the available funds.

3. At work

Let's spend the next weeks together and understand everything you need, from the logo to the website and the communication strategy.

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Brignole is a Swiss company with registered and operational headquarters in Lugano, Ticino, the Italian-speaking canton of Switzerland. Claudio Brignole is the founder of the company with over 25 years of experience in graphic design and web design, video-making,  journalism and copywriting, consultant for the best technologies.

Each project is different and therefore the time needed to cover all the needs varies a lot so it’s difficult to make an accurate estimate before I know all the details.

It depends on the project and how busy I am at the time of the request. Generally I prefer to deal with projects from scratch in which I take care of all the image and communication but in some cases I can also carry out smaller projects.

Absolutely, the entire implementation process will remain confidential, classified and all the material (design, photos, videos, texts) will not be disclosed until the launch of the project.

I work using Italian and English.

If you have not found the question you were looking for, please contact me by using the form.