Paolo Casanova

The logo and the brand

I created this brand for Paolo Casanova, a highly rated chef in Switzerland and Italy who wanted to expand his brand with the creation of some bistro, restaurants and product line. 

I opted for a logotype and a pictogram that can be used in combination or separately. The pictogram consists of his initials, is very simple and can be used on a wide range of media, from signs to uniforms to product labels.

The logotype is created with a clean and harmonious sans serif font that conveys elegance and sobriety.

The brand is complemented by a pattern that can be used in combination with the logo, a choice of fonts and colors to be used, signs for restaurants and bistros, a series of templates for communication on social networks, product labels, menus, letterhead, business cards and uniforms.

Client: CMF Marketing Consulting Sagl

PaoloCasanova label 1
PaoloCasanova bc
PaoloCasanova social
PaoloCasanova Pittogramma
PaoloCasanovaLogo pittogramma logotipo
PaoloCasanova resturant
PaoloCasanova uniform
PaoloCasanova bags