RapBeats Radio

Project, execution and brand

I started thinking about this project during summer 2019 and the radio started broadcasting on January 1, 2020. Thus a timeframe of execution from the idea to its accomplishment of about 5 months. You should also consider that the project has been carried out in the spare time.

The radio broadcasts only rap music in Italian, English and French with many themed and topical programs and charts. To keep costs down we have chosen to stream only via web and through a smartphone app available for both iOS and Android. The Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages are also active and updated daily.

For this project, in addition to the idea, I thought about the name (deliberately self-explanatory), realized the brand, created the website, set the programming and daily I take care of the schedule. At the moment the radio has a team of about 6 people.

I conduct three programs a week and a personal program of mine, the TOP 15 R&B.

The site is updated frequently and is available in Italian, English and French.

Site tools: WordPress + Elementor

Client: BeatsRadio Association

Publication date: January 2020

RapBeats app02 1
RapBeats app01 1
RapBeats site scaled
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The logo of RapBeats Radio was deliberately minimalistic because it had to be consistent with the self-explanatory style of the name. The three stars represent the three fundamentals of Hip Hop (Rap, Writing, Breakdance) but also the musical stars that sparkle within the radio programming. It is a logo designed to stay evergreen without necessarily following any trend in particular.