Let people know your story.

Tell your personal story or the story of your business with an interview and/or documentary film that can make you more familiar and create an emotional connection with your viewers.

It's all about emotion.
It really is.

I study and shoot narrative films, interviews, and documentaries that tell your story in the language of film creating a connection with your viewers/customers through a journey that helps them learn more about what you do and the passion that drives you.

Sid sony


It’s not enough to just take a few shots and then randomly assemble it all by putting beautiful music to it. Being a journalist as well, I have many years of experience telling stories that have a narrative arc, that are engaging and emotional. I know how to listen and steer towards a result that meets your expectations but is also the best possible on the communication aspect.

Read here my article here where I detail how I make my films.


Promoting your film.

You can show your film on your website, your socials and also, free of charge, on Qui Ticino, a multi-channel platform (Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) that talks about people working in technology, arts and business by showcasing the most interesting figures from Canton Ticino in Switzerland.

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Some interviews or docu-interviews I have done.

1291 Insurance Brokers

Corporate video for this insurance broker company from Lugano where we highlight the more human and passionate side of the work and services offered.

Type of work: multi-interviews carried out over several weeks.

Romeo Piccirilli

Dr. Piccirilli explains in a few minutes his approach with patients and how psychotherapy can help those in need.

Type of work: single interview realized in half a day.

USI Università della Svizzera Italiana - EMBA

Presentation of the Digital Business Immersive course for the Executive Master in Business Administration at Università della Svizzera Italiana.

Type of work: multi-interviews carried out over several days.

Lugano Network

Video that tells how the service of the municipality of Lugano works to support citizens in finding a new job.

Type of work: multi-interviews carried out over several days.


A short interview where Martino Monbelli, one of the founders of Bisbino, a Ticinese company in the field of beverages, talks about how the company was born, how it works and its future.

Type of work: single interview realized in half a day plus filming at the warehouse and of some products.

My School Ticino

Video presentation of My School Ticino, a bi-lingual Italian and English elementary school that uses non-conventional teaching methods such as Montessori, outdoor, and Reggio Children. First video of a series with in-depth features and interviews.

Type of work: multi-interviews conducted over two days.

Some of the stories I've told.


A biographical documentary on Rupen Nacaroglu, known by his nickname Naca. Lawyer, entrepreneur and tireless politician with a great passion for his city, Lugano, music and good food. We retrace with him his life and his goals.

Type of work: multi-interviews, collection and selection of archival material, filming in various locations in Ticino over a period of about three months.

DJ Fede short documentary

DJ and producer talks about his career through the artists who have influenced his career and with whom he has worked in over 30 years. 

Type of work: five different interviews locations and various filming realized in half day!

Self Control - NoWordz

On the occasion of the publication of the EP Self Control, NoWordz tells his story. From his birth in England from a Swiss mother and an English father, to his move to Ticino and the lack of a father figure, passing through his love for rap and writing, finding his own immediately recognizable style.

Type of work: two interviews and various filming realized in two half days.

Costs with no surprises.

I created two simple offers each with one or more variations. Docu-interview, documentary film + 30-second spot to promote your video on your social networks and website.

Offers for selected partners

-20% for members of the Società dei commercianti di Lugano. Please indicate this when requesting a bid.


The docu-interview is more of an interview, less of a documentary. It' s a more streamlined and quicker format to make, usually with one to two sessions. A main interview that serves as the background to show the protagonist's activities with outdoor moments to make the end result less static and boring than a simple interview but much faster to make than a documentary.


– Preliminary meeting to get to know each other, understand together the story to be told, identify where and when to shoot.

– Up to 4 hours of filming to be carried out in a single location + outdoor chosen by the interviewee, including an interview, even with two people at the same time, and some general shots to be used during the interview and for the commercial. Extras with multiple interviewees and the use of two cameras at the same time are possible.

– Editing of the interview up to a maximum duration of 10 minutes with original music and with a license to use it. After the first proposal, if necessary, another revision is included to edit / add / remove and achieve the desired result.

– Trailer / 30-second spot to be used for quick promotion on social media with excerpts from the interview and some b-rolls.

– Export of the interview in full HD 16:9 format and of the two versions of the spot also in Full HD with square format, more suitable for social networks.

Documentary film

A documentary film shot in three half days at one or more locations. Filming, quality audio, editing, graphic elements, export in full HD. Duration between 10 and 20 minutes. You can use it for what you want, for example on your website / e-commerce, on your social, in your store, at a trade show.


– Preliminary meeting to get to know each other, understand together the story to be told, identify where and when to shoot.
– Presentation of a document with the story, list of shots and places where to shoot.

– Up to 12 hours of filming, which can be done in one place or in different locations, but always in the vicinity of the main location, which must be within the territory of Ticino. We will also shoot places, objects, landscapes and other subjects to be used in the editing (B-roll).

– Editing of the film up to a maximum duration of 30 minutes with original and licensed music, audio effects. After the first proposal, if necessary, up to two more revisions are included to edit / add / remove and achieve the desired result.

– Trailer / 30 second spot to be used for quick social media promotion of the longer film and your business. The promotion links back with a link to the full film. A version of the commercial without a link to the longer film will also be produced to be used for independent promotion.

– Export of the documentary film in full HD 16:9 format and of the two versions of the commercial in full HD with a square format, more suitable for social networks.

Brignole is a Swiss company with legal and operational headquarters in Lugano, Ticino. Claudio Brignole is the founder of the company with over 25 years of experience in graphic design, videomaking, journalism and copywriting, consultant for the best technologies. In addition to Claudio there are several collaborators, from shooting videos to managing promotions on social networks.

It depends on the type of video. For example, we don’t make live streaming. But it is possible to make promos, recordings and coverage of different types of events.

Yes, I can add all the communication services I offer with the advantage for you to have a single contact person for all your image and communication.

I work using Italian and English.

If you didn’t find the question you were looking for, contact me using the form at the bottom of the page or give me a call.