Why if you talk about aliens no one takes you seriously?

So it is very likely that some of you will think, at best, that I have seen too many science fiction movies. I’ve actually done a lot of reading on the matter, always looking for serious sources.

There are, estimated by default, 10 billion habitable planets, speaking only of the Milky Way and galaxies are other billions. How presumptuous and small are we going to be to think that we are the only living and intelligent beings (this statement can be debated) in the entire universe?

Carl Sagan said that it would be a huge waste of space if life had developed only on earth, it remained also very famous Enrico Fermi’s question: but then where are they all? (referring to possible alien civilizations).

From a strictly scientific point of view, no, aliens do not exist because we do not have any tangible evidence about them (also on this we can discuss) but what we can not prove does not mean that they do not exist, it simply means that we do not have enough or no knowledge about them.

Talking about Aliens we cannot not enter in the minefield of religions. We have no proof of the existence of any God or Deity that humanity prays or worships, but despite this billions of people believe in them.

So why if you talk about Aliens people smile while if you talk about God they generally take you seriously? from a scientific point of view they are equivalent.

Since always we are born with one or more religions around us, we are taught since childhood that there are superior beings that care about us and that if we pray they will help us. That having faith is an act of the heart, not of the head, that you don’t have to ask questions but only follow the rules of your religion and you will be a good believer. All this becomes normal, a serious thing, something that cannot be discussed or only limited.

Let’s move on to aliens, there are documented sightings since man started to draw on caves, paint, write books but we take good only the last period, let’s say since we became a nuclear civilization. Since the 50’s the Alien sightings have multiplied everywhere in the world and at the same time they have become protagonists of books but especially of movies and comics, so an entertainment topic, not something serious. You talk about Aliens and you think of Will Smith blowing up the mega spaceship in Independence Day or those of Star Trek with the United Federation of Planets (on the Federation we will come back).

So on the one hand religions are considered a serious thing to be taken with respect while Aliens are talk of nerds who have in their room the poster I want to believe with the flying saucer (I don’t have it in case you wondered).

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There are very serious scientific researches that use radio telescopes to scan the sky waiting to find an alien signal. I admire so much who dedicate his life to these researches but I think that we are looking in the wrong way. Simply humanity is not yet a space civilization, we are at the beginning, we do not yet have the knowledge and the technology to understand and explore space. When we try to launch rockets, they still explode us into many small pieces (see recent SpaceX launch experiments). Rockets that still use technology invented for Hitler by Nazi scientist Wernher von Braun, just saying. We have an earth orbiting base that is at the end of its life and no concrete plans to build one a little more movie-like. Re-go to the Moon or Mars? yes soon they say, Elon Musk is always optimistic for the times, but they are still ventures, and will be for who knows how long, not the norm.

So Aliens = entertainment + some Don Chichotte scientist looking for little green men?

Generally yes, but there are signs that something is changing, more and more government officials, armed forces of various countries have admitted that there have already been contacts with aliens. Even the U.S. Navy some time ago released a video with some UFO sightings of its aircraft (those of aircraft carriers or reconnaissance). More information here.

There are documentaries and articles in the press that begin to take the matter from a more serious point of view with testimonies of people “above suspicion”, politicians, military figures, ministers, scientists. Unacknowledged and The Phenomenon are the most recent, the most serious and detailed. Watch at least the trailers below and then ask yourself a couple of questions.

It is said that humanity is not ready to know that it is not alone in the universe, but it is a bit like having a child, theoretically you are never ready to become parents, but then the baby arrives, you learn to live with him and your fears go away. In fact, you say, how have I managed so far without it?

So the day the little green man shows up (spoiler: they are not green) people will bring up God, the end of the world and all the catastrophic things they taught us, others will go crazy going through the streets screaming but in a short time, we will get used to it, I have no doubt about that. Everything extraordinary becomes ordinary with time.

Actually it occurred to me to write this article after reading the Jerusalm Post

(Israeli English newspaper, not a conspiracy site) which, a few days ago, published an article titled “Former head of Israeli space security says aliens exist, humanity is not ready”. Haim Eshed, this is the name of the professor, said that now at 87 years old and with all the major awards received during his career, he has nothing to lose by making these revelations. It is not the first time that someone who is now elderly decides to reveal what he knows so as not to take these secrets to the grave. At the beginning I was surprised that such an article did not receive much attention because the elements were all there but I noticed that as the days passed (at the time of writing three have passed), slowly the news has spread to reach both the authoritative and popular press and conspiracy. If you do a quick search on Google indicating as a keyword the name of the professor “Haim Eshed”, you can get an idea. Obviously, the more the articles get on the Italian side, the more the tone becomes, “an Israeli professor, who has become a bit reckless with age, claims there are little green men, are you ready to end this 2020 with aliens?”.

I summarize in brief what the prof. said:
1- The aliens have been on earth for a long time but they don’t show up because they think humanity is not ready to know that they are not alone in the universe.
2- The aliens have formed an alliance with the United States that includes a shared base on Mars.
3- The aliens are looking for “the factory of the universe”.
4- There is a Galactic Federation of planets (as in Star Trek).
5- They will reveal themselves to us when mankind understands space and how to navigate in it (also this reminds me of Star Trek when the Vulcans revealed themselves to mankind at the moment of the first ignition of a warp engine, ok, I admit, I’m falling into the trap…).

Haim Eshed said that according to him, after this 2020 a bit absurd, people are more ready to hear also the news about aliens and for now the media response, even if with a bit of delay, is giving him reason, I have never seen so many articles on this topic.

I am not one of those UFO experts who know everything, there is a world out there with more or less credible testimonies, photos and videos more or less credible, if you feel like with Google you can find everything.

Until a few decades ago it was taken for granted that human beings were alone and the highest expression of intelligence in the universe apart from God and angels (and variants of other religions). Decades of UFO sightings and various science fiction have accustomed us to think that maybe it is not so, but keeping a certain degree of protective skepticism.

If tomorrow or in a hundred years aliens will turn up, it is more likely that this long preparation will finally make us see them as such rather than as angels. Maybe that’s exactly why they decided to wait since they have always been equivocated in the past and it didn’t end very well.