How a Large Language Model (LLM) works, ChatGPT to be clearer

An LLM (Large Language Model) is software that has been trained to understand and generate text similar to the way a human being would.

It is like a virtual assistant capable of understanding natural language and responding coherently. Open AI’s now well-known ChatGPT and Google’s Bard are LLMs.
The magic of an LLM lies in the training; this process involves exposure to huge amounts of text from books, articles, websites and more. The LLM learns the rules of language, the relationships between words, and even the nuances of meaning. A key aspect of an LLM is his ability to understand context. He or she does not just recognize individual words, but analyzes the entire sentence to make coherent sense of the answer. This skill is crucial to ensure relevant and comprehensible answers. An LLM can produce articles, answer questions or even write stories using the information learned during training, the model creates sequences of words that make sense within context.

To fully understand how an LLM recognizes words, it is essential to know the training process.


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