Qui Ticino

Qui Ticino is the multi-channel platform that talks about the people, businesses and initiatives active in the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland using, as a reference format, the quality short documentary. Small “films” that show the people, trades and initiatives present in the territory. Often unknown activities that are around our daily lives but that we have never dwelt on.
It is a project that I conceived and began the realization of by publishing the first documentary entitled “Naca.” It is currently being carried out with EXM /creative.
The logo of Qui Ticino that I made for this project. It does not want to follow the colors of the Ticino flag red and blue so as not to look like a local product or a political party. With the use of yellow (simply because I like it) it is meant to say that “Here” is a Ticino in step with the times.

Visit the Qui Ticino site made with WordPress + Elementor.



EXM Creative Qui Tcino 01

EXM Creative Qui Tcino 02

EXM Creative Qui Tcino 03

EXM Creative Qui Tcino 04

EXM Creative Qui Tcino 05

EXM Creative Qui Tcino 06

EXM Creative Qui Tcino 07

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