Magazines 1999 – 2010

(1999 – 2010)

A very small selection of my print editorial output that includes thousands of issues of different magazines, from AL Magazine for which I was editor for 10 years to all the others produced for two different publishers, the French multinational IXO Publishing and MyWayMedia, both of which no longer exist.

AL cover42


AL cover45


AL cover48


AL cover52




Groove cover Bej


Groove cover JZ


Groove cover n1


Groove cover n3


Groove cover n5 6


groove cover09




racer cover2


SERIES cover 1


Series cover7




SpeakUp 334


SpeakUP maggio2015


SpeakUp 336


SpeakUp 338


Stress cover n23


Stress cover n24


Stress cover n25


Stress cover n22

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