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Est. 1991

I started in 1991 creating a fanzine, what later became AL Magazine, the first magazine on Hip Hop in Italy. The first Mac in 1993, the first website in 1996.

I have skills that embrace every aspect of communication, this is an advantage for clients who find in me a single reference figure.

I work for EXM /Creative but also remain freelance. If you have a proposal, especially for branding or video creation, please contact me, I accept a maximum of one new project each month.


I work on the branding of a company or product, The logo, the visual identity declined in the real world and in digital, the website, social. I also really enjoy working on re-branding by updating the logo and modernizing the identity of a brand.


Videos are a key part of telling your brand through interviews and documentaries. What I love is telling stories, documentaries and interviews are the "core" of what my video work is.


I have always written articles, created storyboards for movies, copy for promotional campaigns. Writing is part of my skills learned "in the field" that I can use while working on Visual Identity and Video projects.

The opinion
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Claudio was able to understand my needs, my experience, and my vision in a timely manner and, thanks to his sensitivity in storytelling, he produced a video product exactly as I had imagined it. I had a great experience with it.

Rupen Nacaroglu
Lawyer, entrepreneur, politician

I got to know Claudio after seeing the film he produced for the election campaign of a well-known young local politician.
I wanted to redo our site and give it that something, that sets you apart.
I called him, we met and dare I say immediately understood each other. When you have those feelings, it is very easy to explain yourself and get what you want from the other party. Claudio has done an outstanding job for us. It will be very difficult for him to entrust this kind of work to others tomorrow. Great Claudio!

Francesco Soldati
Francesco Soldati
1291 Insurance Brokers Lugano

Claudio is an exceptional videomaker: creative, sensitive, reliable, punctual, attentive and tireless, he has a nice mood during preparation and shooting that puts one in a good mood. Claudio has made several videos, clips and video interviews for us, managing the work from A to Z each time. We have always so much appreciated his work both technically and artistically, for the choice and staging of content and the clarity with which he can visually convey the message. For us, Claudio is always the one choice when there is a need for a good video!

Siria Chiesa
Siria Chiesa Dané
My School Ticino / Fondazione Medacta for Life
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