I'm not a specialist– I'm a multipotentialite*

I'm not a specialist– I'm a multi-potentialite*

When people ask me what I do for a living, I always have to list off a bunch of things:

Brand Designer*

*1 A “multipotentialite” is someone who has multiple interests and passions, and has the ability to excel in a variety of fields or disciplines. They may have diverse career paths and find it difficult to choose just one, preferring instead to pursue several interests simultaneously or over the course of their lifetime.

*2 A “Brand Designer” is someone who has a real passion for design and creative culture. They work on all kinds of designs, such as logos, visual identities, apps, websites, social media, magazines, games, physical spaces, and much more. In short, they are the ones who make things beautiful and interesting!

It brings me great satisfaction to possess communication skills that encompass every aspect, as it enables me to oversee a project from beginning to end. This serves as a valuable benefit for clients, as they have a single point of contact in me. Although I am employed at EXM/Creative, I also work as a freelancer on projects that pique my interest. Therefore, if you have any proposals, particularly for brand creation or video, feel free to contact me.

Claudio Brignole


Brand Identity

The name, logo and graphic style of your company or product are very important elements to have personality and remain memorable to your audience.

Video / film

Videos are a crucial part of telling the story of your brand through interviews and documentaries for use on social media, your website and anywhere else you like.

Check it out some of my latest projects–

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Insurance brokers website

The project: The site is made in pure Swiss minimalist design as requested by the client who wants to communicate a sense of Swissness in all its pages. 

The site was created along with two videos, the first is placed at the beginning and explains in brief what the company does and its strengths. The second one is longer and has a more ducumentary cut to better know the owner, his style and way of thinking and create a better connection with customers.

For this site I also chose the font, a sans serif very similar to Helvetica but actually called Inter and that will be used for all corporate communication. The logo was pre-existing.

Tools: WordPress + Elementor

Client: 1291 Insurance Brokers SA Lugano

Publication date: April 2022

1291ibswiss scaled e1649277272702

AL Magazine

Hip Hop Magazine website

The project: AL Magazine was the first and most important source of news in Italy about rap and Hip Hop culture in the 90s. Created by me in 1991 I was editor, designer, journalist, a bit of everything. 

After more than 30 years from the first printed issue and 20 from the ending of the publication I created a website where I collect the best articles realized in the ten years of the magazine’s life and celebrate its legacy.

Tools: WordPress + Elementor

Publication date: January 2022



Railways and mass-transit website

The project: Online since 2006 as Metroitaliane, CityRailways has developed always trying to maintain a balance between professional topics and the interests of rail, mass-transit and electric transport enthusiasts, always keeping an eye on data, numbers and communication aspects.
I was founder of this site that I have carried on for many years with Andrea Spinosa to whom I handed on the management in recent years. I continue from time to time to write something when I can find the time because one of my passions are the mass-transit systems and railways.

The new website: Renovation of the CityRailways website to adapt it to the latest web and graphic standards. A minimal black and white was chosen to create more contrast with the images and maps of the transport systems that are both vividly colorful. The site has the “dark” tonality turning the pages in negative and is useful for those who want to strain their eyes less.

Tools: WordPress + Elementor

Client: Ing. Andrea Spinosa

Publication date: September 2020

cityrailways com
Cityrailways dark


This logo, now iconic in the transport environment in Italy, was designed by me many years ago, over time a redesing has been done by maintaining the pictogram with the intersection of the subway lines map style but adding two bars above and below to symbolize the railway tracks. The logo works very well both in black and white, it was thought from the beginning for a positive and negative use.



Objective: to explain the topics and show the teachers of the Executive Master in Business Administration of Università della Svizzera italiana based in Lugano.

Video shot: 3 out of 6 (series aborted due to Covid 19).

Shooting modes: single camera, 4K shooting with final output in Full HD for use on websites and social networks.

Editing: Final Cut Pro with color grading and addition of titles and graphics based on USI’s corporate image.

Client: Latitude 46 on behalf of USI Università della Svizzera italiana.



Project: redesign of the original EMBA website to create a more consistent experience with the image of the master. Currently the site, which is now several years old, has undergone changes compared to my original project and does not follow the new USI corporate image guidelines.

Customer: Latitude 46 on behalf of USI Università della Svizzera italiana.

Lugano NetWork


Objective: To celebrate 10 years of a service which helps citizens to find a job, the City of Lugano decided to make a celebrative video that explains how Lugano NetWork works and the people behind it. The premiere of the video took place in the presence of the Mayor of Lugano and a large representation of the business world of the city.

Some info: for this video 18 interviews were made.

Shooting modes: single camera, 4K shooting with final output in Full HD for use on websites and social networks.

Editing: Final Cut Pro with color grading and addition of titles and graphics based on Lugano NetWork corporate image.

Client: Latitude 46 on behalf of Comune di Lugano

Speak Up

Digital magazine

For years I have designed and produced many magazines on paper (see some covers below). Currently, the only magazine that I still continue to edit is the digital edition of Speak Up in italian and spanish, a historic publication for those who study English with articles in English containing a glossary with translations and audio of the articles. The graphic project, even if with some changes implemented over time, is still the one I designed years ago for the Italian edition.

Every month I make different versions depending on the format for iPad, iPhone and Android. A different one for each language, six in total.

Tools: the digital editions are made on Mac using Adobe inDesign with the addition of the Aquafadas plugin to generate the digital editions to be uploaded inside the app for iOS and Android.

Customer: RBA – Barcelona – Milan

iPad version – tap play to see a preview

iPhone version – tap play to see a preview

Cover iPad
Cover iPhone

(1999 - 2010)

A very small selection of my editorial production on paper that includes thousands of issues of different magazines, from AL Magazine of which I was publisher for 10 years to all the others made for two different publishers, the French multinational IXO Publishing and MyWayMedia, both no longer existing.

AL cover42
AL cover45
AL cover48
AL cover52
Groove cover Bej
Groove cover JZ
Groove cover n1
Groove cover n3
Groove cover n5 6
groove cover09
racer cover2
SERIES cover 1
Series cover7
SpeakUp 334
SpeakUP maggio2015
SpeakUp 336
SpeakUp 338
Stress cover n23
Stress cover n24
Stress cover n25
Stress cover n22

Darsi da fare


The project: This is a series of interviews I did between 2018 and 2020 where people who gravitate around the world of rap talk about how they turned their passion into work. Music managers, graphic designers, journalists, entrepreneurs, youtubers and rappers. A format that I designed and then put into practice until the stop imposed by Covid. As soon as the situation will allow it the series will have a following.

Video shot: 15

Shooting modes: single camera, 4K shooting with final output in Full HD for use on websites and social networks.

Editing: Final Cut Pro with color grading and addition of titles and graphics.


Tell a story that moves you

Why creating documentary films and case studies that move makes the difference. I explain my method that combines analysis and heart.

imparare a imparare scaled

Learning to learn

Get out of your comfort zone and learn new skills online by defeating insecurity and laziness.