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starts from a dream.

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I take care of all the creative, communication and technological aspects to launch your project, whatever it is.

Recruit an expert to team up with you until your project is launched.

We work together, day after day, to achieve everything you need in developing your project. Call me and we can evaluate a work plan together. Here is what I can do for you:



If your project does not already have a technology to back it up, then we nee to choose the hardware and software that have the best cost/result ratio.

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Every project needs hardware and software to work at its best. I ‘ll be in charge of finding the best existing solutions or coordinate the development of technologies made from scratch, always trying to make you spend as little as possible having an excellent final product.

Naming & brand

The name, the logo and graphic style of your business are strategic elements to convey personality and remain memorable for your customers.

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Naming & brand awareness

First of all, we look for and spot the most appropriate name, then move onto the brand creation within the research and analysis stage, thereafter shift to the logo, the fonts, the icons, and pattern design. In the end, you will be given a handbook of your brand with all the indications and guidelines on how to use the logo, colors, fonts, and images.

Web & app

The creation of your site and / or your app is one of the key elements to present your project to customers as well as your social presence.

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Web & app

I design the website and/or the app starting from the elements of the brand customizing every single thing in every detail always with a light and user-friendly accessible structure to consult. You won't need any website nor app with too many pages or menus and long texts but you can stick to clear and viable information in a user-friendly way without too many taps.


Videos are crucial elements to narrate your brand, through interviews, explanatory videos and mini-documentaries to be used later on social media and on your website.

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Over the years I have specialized in shooting interviews, creating short promos and small documentaries. All elements that can help you tell your story and create a closer bond with your customers. I also take care of the editing which is the most important step in assembling a video that tells a consistent story with your brand.

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